I am a lecturer and researcher in the areas of Academic Practice and (postmodern & contemporary) Anglophone Literature, with a particular focus on post-1945 U.S. fiction and mathematics. I am a Lecturer in Academic Practice in the Department of Learning and Teaching Enhancement at Edinburgh Napier University. I have previously taught at the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, and have directed the Scottish Universities International Summer School (SUISS 2021). I’m passionate about reading, thinking, and writing at intersections of art, science, and philosophy (delighting in unexpected rapprochements).



Articles & Chapters

O’Brien, Hanford, Struan and Taylor. Collaboration Across Disciplines: Graduate Teaching Assistants, Learner Developers, Students, and Academic Literacies. in Abegglen, Burns & Sinfield (eds.) Collaboration in Higher Education: A New Ecology of Practice (Bloomsbury, 2023)

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The making of Wallace’s Everything and More: an interview
with Erica NeelyLettera Matematica International (2015).

[Featured]. The jingle jangle genius of Nobel laureate Bob DylanThe Scotsman (15th Oct. 2016).


Review of Freedom and the Self: Essays on the philosophy of David Foster Wallace, Edited by Cahn, S. M. and Eckert, M., New York: Columbia University Press, 2015Orbit: A Journal of American Literature (2017) 5:1.

“getting to the core of things”: A Review of Robert K. Bolger & Scott Korb, eds. Gesturing Toward Reality: David Foster Wallace and Philosophy and Steven M. Cahn & Maureen Eckert, eds. Freedom and the Self: Essays on the Philosophy of David Foster WallacePostmodern Culture (2015) 26:1.

Review: Heroes and Happy Endings: Class, Gender, and Nation in
Popular Film and Fiction in Interwar Britain
by Christine GrandyThe Kelvingrove Review (2014) 14.


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