13th December 2021


22nd November 2021: Ananda, n. In Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism: a state of absolute bliss.

23rd November 2021: amma, n.2 Chiefly as a term of endearment: mother; one’s mother.

24th November 2021: zebrule, n. The hybrid offspring of a male zebra and a female equine.

25th November 2021: decumanus, n. Roman History. Originally: a line or boundary running east to west, as marked by a surveyor. In later use chiefly: a road running east to west in a Roman town, camp, etc.

26th November 2021: rampageous, adj. Violently or boisterously uncontrollable; unruly, running wild; given to or characterized by rampaging.

27th November 2021: bishy barnabee, n. English regional (chiefly East Anglian). A ladybird.

28th November 2021: hallalujous, adj. Filled with hallelujahs.

She approached Ananda, the stillness that shivers. Womblike in comfort, mama amma mama amma. A fusion of colour and shape and sound. The zerbrule thunders over the red dirt, chasing the sun, carving a decumanus across the land, dust dancing in its rampageous wake. Inside the slack eye socket of the dead toad, the bishy barnabee cleans her feet. The air shimmers, hallalujous.

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