27th December 2021


6th December 2021: fastballer, n. (In baseball) a pitcher who specializes in throwing fastballs.

7th December 2021: phantastikon, n. Imagination. Also: a product of the imagination.

8th December 2021: fast-medium, adj. and n. In Cricket: designating bowling of a reasonably fast pace; (also) that bowls or is bowled at such a pace.

9th December 2021: amatorio, n. A decorated ceramic object intended as a love gift; spec. a piece of majolica painted with the portrait of a lady and bearing a complimentary inscription.

10th December 2021: fairyism, n. The nature, characteristics, or powers of a fairy. Also: belief in fairies; stories about fairies, fairy lore.

11th December 2021: taffety, adj. Affectedly dainty; fastidious, esp. concerning food; picky.

12th December 2021: scribacious, adj. Enthusiastic about or fond of writing.

The comet flashes across the sky, tossed by some almight fastballer through the heavens. The awe, the wonder. What phantastikon could have produced such light and glittering stardust? It shoots through the darkness, overtaking the fast-medium orbits of the planets, briefly shadowed as they come between the rock and the sun. In the silence of space it seems as delicate as a beloved amatorio, painted with the face of a fair maiden, adorned with twisting branches, golden leaves, and other tokens of fairyism, and she, an air of taffety but not haughty disposition, looking up through her eyelashes, her gaze catching the absolute light of a star. So, trailing its fantastic ink lines through the cosmos, the scribacious comet flies.

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