1st November 2021


Oxford English Dictionary Word-of-the-Day

11th October 2021: plutomania, n. Excessive or frenzied pursuit of wealth.

12th October 2021: mariachi, n. A small group of Mexican strolling musicians who perform traditional folk music.

13th October 2021: cakeage, n. In a restaurant: the cutting and serving of a cake that has been brought in by a customer from off the premises; (hence) a charge levied for this service.

14th October 2021: redivivus, adj. Brought back to life; come back to life, revived.

15th October 2021: zeeping, adj. Designating a high-pitched noise like that produced by friction or something travelling at speed; (also) that makes such a noise.

16th October 2021: fairy bells, n. Any of various plants having somewhat bell-shaped flowers, as the foxglove, Digitalis purpurea…

17th October 2021: almond butter, n. A creamy dessert made with sweetened ground almonds. Now historical and rare.

They saw themselves dripping with gold. It hung off them, cold yet molten, in folds of phenomenal expense. These visions were just daydream dances of undeniable plutomania. Yet, one could imagine them perceived, like some ugly twinkle in the eye. Here, in the luxurious booth, tucked away in a quiet section of Cantina Andaluzia, they saw themselves across the millions of cotton threads of the tablecloth. The festive mariachi waltz was a dull, low-volume texture. Above it, the tickling of glass and cutlery, like the constant snapping of threads on the wire of a suspension bridge, babbling gossip and laughter, occasional hushed hagglings over corkage and cakeage and happy birthday tooo yoouuu.

Arise, arise, redivivus.

And, barely perceptible above the restaurant din, a soft zeeping — like the opening of foxgloves, a vibrating ring of fairy bells –floats and lands, smeared like almond butter on the eardrum of our most distinguished guest.

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