10th January 2022


20th December 2021: medium coeli, n. The point in the sky directly overhead; the highest point of the celestial sphere as viewed from any particular place.

21st December 2021: sunstay, n. Either of the two times in the year when the sun is furthest north or south from the equator.

22nd December 2021: supervacaneous, adj. Unnecessarily or pointlessly added over and above what is essential; superfluous, redundant.

23rd December 2021: toyi-toyi, n. In South Africa: a high-stepping dance-like movement performed either on the spot or while moving slowly forwards, typically by participants in protests and public demonstrations, and often accompanied by chanting or singing.

24th December 2021: Belsnickel, n. A person who goes about merrymaking at Christmas or New Year in disguise, often visiting the houses of neighbours, friends, and relatives to play pranks or beg for small gifts or refreshments.

25th December 2021: jough, n. In Manx English: alcoholic drink; esp. light ale. Now chiefly in jough y nollick: a warm spiced ale drunk at Christmas.

26th December 2021: Gombey, n. In Bermuda: a folk performance or procession consisting of masked and costumed dancers accompanied by drums and whistles, traditionally held on Boxing Day and other special occasions.

Shimmer down from the medium coeli, the cold white light of the sunstay. You can blot out all the traffic noise and muscle aches, the supervacaneous details in a solar system. Stand and vibrate with the toyi-toyi subatomic particles on a miracle marble in a vast black vacuum upon which life has been bestowed by some great cosmic Belsnickel hand, before it supped the jough from the moon and went on its way. Where next might it deliver its flame? Too far, too far. The atoms dance, faster now, and the deep thinkers on the rock are trapped in some Gombey march towards destruction.

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