17th January 2022


27th December 2021: lime, n. In Caribbean English: an informal social gathering; a get-together; a party.

28th December 2021: Ginny Gall, n. In African-American usage: (the name of) an imaginary place characterized as remote, unpleasant, or harsh; spec. an outer region of hell.

29th December 2021: hen-cackle, n. The cackling of a hen; a sound reminiscent of this.

30th December 2021: sinigang, n. In Filipino cookery: a type of soup made with meat, shrimp, or fish and flavoured with a sour ingredient such as tamarind or guava.

31st December 2021: willie-waught, n. In Scottish English: a large gulp of (esp. alcoholic) liquid; a deep or copious draught; a swig. Formed by false segmentation of the word goodwilly in the song Auld Lang Syne.

1st January 2022: caravette, n. A small caravan that is towed by a car and typically used for holidays.

2nd January 2022: limbo, v. To dance or participate in the limbo. Also in extended use: to bend backwards to pass under something.

There will be a lime in ol’ Ginny Gall soon enough. Whoops and hollers and hen-cackle screams cutting through the rise and fall of a fire’s roar, over the bubbling of the great sinigang of the boiling sea. Fill up yir cup and tak a right guid willie-waught here with all that’s left, the rusted camper and caravette, and limbo down, down, down.

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