24th January 2022


3rd January 2022: hagiologist, n. A writer of a hagiography, or an account of the life of a saint; a hagiographer.

4th January 2022: chutzpadik, adj. Esp. in Jewish usage: showing chutzpah; impudent, impertinent; audacious, very self-confident.

5th January 2022: hagfish, n. A razor shell.

6th January 2022: belongingness, n. The state or condition of belonging; an instance of this.

7th January 2022: driving box, n. The seat on which the driver of a horse-drawn carriage sits.

8th January 2022: up a daisy, int. Used to express encouragement or reassurance, typically when assisting someone (esp. a child) to overcome a physical obstacle, recover from a fall, etc., or when lifting a child into the air.

9th January 2022: ghostbuster, n. A person who investigates or deals with supposed paranormal activity or phenomena.

Hunched over the keys on a wooden desk, the hagiologist hesitates. Push through, chutzpadik hagfish, and finish the sentence. More recently, of course, most know him as a


The perfect word. Its absence is glittering white presence, the gap its belongingness. She shifts on her driving box, willing a release from stalled blockage. Just relax, breathe, up a daisy and. ghostbuster. So trite, so idiotic. And yet, perfectly accurate.

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