31st January 2022


10th January 2022: inadvisably, adv. Not in an advisable manner; imprudently, foolishly, unwisely.

11th January 2022: gee-whizzery, n. Surprise, enthusiasm, or excitement (often with the implication of being excessive or naive), now esp. as a response to technological or scientific innovation.

12th January 2022: zom-com, n. A comedy film featuring zombie characters.

13th January: scrimmaging, adj. That scrimmages or moves energetically or restlessly around; bustling. Also: characterized by energetic or bustling activity; frenetic.

14th January 2022: bridle-wise, adj. Of a horse, pony, etc.: that responds readily to the rider’s use of the reins; well-trained and obedient. In extended use (of a person): obedient, biddable.

15th January 2022: ghoulishness, n. The quality or condition of being ghoulish; morbid or macabre character.

16th January 2022: summum malum, n. The greatest or supreme evil; that which is most reprehensible, harmful, or undesirable.

The committee proceeded, inadvisably as it turned out, to regard the matter as fundamentally unthreatening. Not one among them could imagine the damning gee-whizzery that would befall such an ignorant move. They shuffled out of their zom-com scene half a shade greyer than last time, while thinking themselves scrimmaging titans of industry, Steinkrauses of the bridle-wise market. But it was nothing more than a sticky veneer of bureacratic respectability that only half-hid the ghoulishness beneath – that mundane summum malum.

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