7th February 2022


17th January 2022: sitooterie, n. In Scottish English: a secluded area within a building where people can sit apart from others; an alcove, recess.

18th January 2022: cardioid, n. A curve having the general shape of a heart with a rounded end, such as is traced by a point on the circumference of a circle as it rolls around another, identical, circle.

19th January 2022: garden bean, n. Any of various types of cultivated bean grown as a garden crop; spec. (a) (the broad bean (now rare); (b) the French bean, Phaseolus vulgaris.

20th January 2022: fantysheeny, adj. Chiefly in Devon, England: showy, fancy, or ostentatious.

21st Jannuary 2022: Baje, adj. Of, belonging to, or relating to Barbados or its inhabitants.

22nd January 2022: witching, n.3 The action, process, or technique of searching for underground water, minerals, objects, etc., using a divining rod or similar technique; dowsing.

23rd January 2022: spirit-stirring, adj. That stirs or animates the spirits; spirit-rousing.

In the quiet of the sitooterie, snug in the cardiod curves of the easy-chair, she watched her coffee cool. No garden bean could be ground and brewed to such dark strength. You can keep your fantysheeny high teas – give me Baje magic every time. Itching and witching to that spirit-stirring elixir.

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