14th February 2022


24th January 2022: meet-cute, n. Chiefly with reference to films, novels, etc.: an amusing or charming first encounter between two people that leads to the development of a romantic relationship between them.

25th January 2022: ram-stam, adj. Chiefly in Scottish and Irish English (northern): impetuous, precipitate; reckless; headstrong.

26th January 2022: Jai, int. Used as an expression of praise or support, esp. in political slogans or at public events: ‘Victory!’, ‘Long live ——!’.

27th January 2022: toydom, n. The domain or world of toys.

28th January 2022: swag, n. U.S. slang (originally and chiefly in African-American usage). Bold self-assurance in style or manner; an air of great self-confidence or superiority.

29th January 2022: banteringly, adv. In a bantering manner; jokily or teasingly.

30th January 2022: drivel, n.2 Foolish or silly words; nonsense, twaddle.

This meet-cute was not of like and like – a delicate boy and ram-stam lassy. Still. Jai, jai, the mountains cry, echoed in love, so vibrant and real as to turn the world around to a mere toydom. With swag she swings his heart in a bag, lips curled up banteringly, masking pain and vulnerability with drivel and decorum.

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